About Us

In 2006, Anna Moore-Johnson, a victim of domestic violence, found the courage to flee from an abusive relationship. She and her young children longed for safety and security as they moved to Georgia. Her search for security did not go as planned. Suddenly, Anna and her children had nowhere to live and became homeless. She never thought it would happen to her. It was devastating to look into her children’s eyes and see sorrow and not have means to fix it.


She could not provide for her children and had no idea where their next meal would come from, or where they would sleep. Anna felt she had failed as a mother and as a role model.

Like many people in poverty, she looked to nonprofit organizations for help. They made many promises, but none sustained. Anna experienced a kind of anger and hurt that she had never felt before. Eventually, a stranger provided Anna and her children with everything she could not. This stranger helped them with food, shelter, and even helped her get her Georgia driver’s license. This good Samaritan had so much compassion and love, and she helped Anna put her life back together, one withered piece at a time.

In the coming years, Anna tried to give people in poverty the kind of love and charity that she received in her period of need. Instead she became complacent, avoided the calling she knew she had. Anna knew it was time to start her a non-profit organization to help people who may be or will be in her shoes. A quote from Mahatma Gandhi was always in the back of her mind- “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” 


On May 19th, 2017, something awoke inside of her soul. She knew it was time to stop avoiding her destiny. It was then that, RAYSE was born. It stands for Rising Above Yourself to Serve Everyone, and since that day she has done just that.

Anna volunteers on Saturdays with Meals on Wheels. She says when she goes out and deliver the meals, she is so excited to know the seniors will have food for the week. On the other hand, Anna is quite sadden because she knows that she may be the only person they see until next delivery. "For me", says Anna, "This is more than just delivering meals. I get a chance to show complete strangers that someone cares and I'm able to repeat that process every week". Anna believes that there is nothing more rewarding than leaving footprints that can't be seen on the lives that RAYSE touch.





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RAYSE Inc., is recognized by the Georgia Secretary of State as a charitable non profit corporation and by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable nonprofit organization under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

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